13 November, 2013

Introduction, Just read me for GOD's sake :)

So, you are good at something that you think that you should make a business of it, enjoy earning some money while doing the thing you are good at, the thing you love

May be fixing motorcycles, selling origami creations, a public blog or a facebook group. Or you are going for the conventional stuff like opening a pharmacy, a cyber, a market.

this course I guess will start from scratch to teach you everything about the business and how to run it as good as you are in the thing you do

I am just posting this as I am learning with you, so forgive me in advance for any unprofessionality or mistakes that I may (mostly will :) do

this blog is not intended to make any money from you or to market anything. It is just made out of the principle that if you can explain things to the very basic, simple level, then you understand it fully. Any way, I think I am good at that

this course mainly, as I am studying it, consists of 3 large sections:

  1. How businesses work
  2. How people work
  3. How systems work 

every section consists of small sections, usually 3-6 sections
you will know the names as we continue studying and digesting this

Have Fun reading,.....

Abdo Nabil, the pharmacist