22 November, 2013

1-2-10 marketing: Let them live your product

The most effective way to provoke your customers' desires is to make them visualizing how they are with the product

The mind just rationalizes, analyze and make very logical and rational decisions when it is detached from the experience. But once it is engaged in the experience and is full of sensory feelings, that wild irrational feeling of desire we have talked about strikes and stays on top of any attempt to take logical decisions. Evil, isn't it? :)

Most businesses that can make the customer experience as much sensory information as they can, they go for it. Think of test-drive, take puppies home, try the product in the store, take products home … etc.

And even they try to transfer the experience over the TV and commercials to the customers. So you would see most commercials full of sensory messages trying to convey the experience of having the product

When people live this experience, they move from the place of (I don't own this but I would love to) to (I own this already and I don't wanna lose it)

They move from "DESIRE" [to experience the feeling] to "FEAR" [of losing that awesome feeling of having it]. Fear is much more stronger and urging instinct and more driving to take action.

Whatever your business is, find a way to get your customers in the experiment and watch them craving for what you are offering