14 November, 2013

1-1-8 value creation: Too passionate about an idea? Great, so what?

I am just saying that: it is great to be too passionate, excited and psyched about your great brilliant idea, but it not enough, not enough at all.
You are not your own market. Just do your homework and be professional a little bit (that's why you are reading this right now, I guess :)
Go over the 10 questions  and be objective about it, just get yourself and your emotions out of the picture for a while and study how you can implement it in the business world, if it is doable and has a real chance to work, go for it
If not, abandon it and search for another one. Or just if you are not ready to leave it, make it a side-project or a hobby.
 At last, it might be not bad idea at all. May be just the market isn't ready for what you offer yet. Be patient and wait for the right time and conditions to convert it to a profitable business