14 November, 2013

1-1-7 value creation: "Make money like GOD, and it will plague you like the devil"

"Make money like GOD, and it will plague you like the devil", Henry Fielding
Time for some deep shit :) . NO for real, DO NOT underestimate the following:
Working is usually hard, boring thing to do
Starting a new business is a very risky, full-of-shit, very demanding and consuming action that needs persistence and patience
So if you are not very very passionate about what will do for the rest of your life, just DO NOT do it. You will just burn yourself out in the way in vain
And by passion I mean passion for what you do, the work itself, not the money
Everyone loves money and enjoys the idea of swimming in piles of them, for a while. Then, where is the goal? Money ain't no goal.
Money is just money, some paper used to ease stuff a little bit
Collecting money for the sake of collecting money is the same like collecting post cards for the purpose of collecting post cards; it may be something to do as a hobby, but not a leading main drive in life, that would be just sick
How many celebrities and insanely rich people committed suicides although they have insanely amount of money? They just lost the cause in life, lost the passion of what they do. No purpose in life, then why live?
So instead of thinking: what will bring me the amount of money?
Think: what will I can do for the rest of my life and still enjoy it, what is that I can sacrifice everything to prove its success?
If you don't have an answer for these questions, go to the last resort, and ask yourself: which idea will have the best effect on the people around me, which one will really benefit the people?
Don't be self-centered, egocentric person, think about the circles around you, not in the circle you live in, and you will be satisfied with the results.
In the journey you are about to take, you will find yourself sometimes eluded and immersed by the idea of loving money, that is a bad and evil sign. And I would be afraid of such an idea
Besides, passion and love of what you do is the main and only drive to continuously develop, progress, innovate in what you do, a great drive for success. Money cannot ever do that
 So long story short: