25 November, 2013

1-2-18 marketing: The overrated "Branding" thing

Think of any idea that fall under the term "branding" and you will find that you actually talk about "reputation"

People tend to love big words. But the bad side effect of that is that you may think that "branding" is a rocket science while it is much more simple if you think of "building your reputation" than "building your brand" :)

-         So, building reputation = building brand
-         The most awesome thing about building your reputation is that you can get more premium prices for what you are offering
-         People love brands "good reputation" because they love to trust who they are giving their money to
-         Good reputation will get you more people, thus more money


Reputation is merely the sum of how people think of you

-         You can just influence it, try to make a good impression of high quality and to stand out in what you are offering
-         But remember that the final judgment is for the people to make. People are the ones who form the reputation not you
DO NOT be fooled by big words. Just be good and outstanding in what you do and reputation will come with time

Some notes here:

-         It takes time to make a big large improvement that will influence your "brand", so be patient about it
-         Surveys and feedbacks will help you A LOT to understand what your customer want to have better impression about you, thus better reputation

-         Always consider the thin line between "satisfying people and serving high quality service" and "being too plank and trying to get everyone in your side [the opposite of controversy])