21 November, 2013

1-2-3 marketing: I advertise myself :D

About the brain again:
Even the most exciting things are boring after a while and the brain categorize it as normal, boring thing that we are not interested In (anymore). It then filters it
Here is a thing about marketing:

-         People usually trust each other's reviews and opinions more than the usual advertising strategies
So it goes like that: make people talk about your thing, they get interested and excited, they buy

The question here is: how to make people talk about your business?
There are zillion ideas to make that happen, but some of the most famous strategies:

1-    Design a brand new idea in the business that never existed before
2-     Make the product weird, different, remarkable enough: strange design, strange shape, packaging, remarkable uniform, remarkable customer service  … etc.
3-    Add a value that only you offer it among your competitors, something like no tips strategy, free shipping, a special discounts, surprise gifts, birthday gifts to customers … etc.

Anything remarkable, strange or even good enough that people find it worth a while to talk about

By this way, your business will advertise and sell itself without paying too much money, effort and time on usual marketing and advertising
Finally, know that such remarkable great ideas don't have to be there on you mind from start, they come with continuous iteration and learning about your business.

Another thing, you may come up with a great idea that your competitors may clone, or it just may lost its remarkability with time. So you have to always watch their effect and keep a note of any possible remarkable idea that you may use afterwards to keep your business interesting and talking about itself:)