13 November, 2013

1-0 the 5 core business process

Starting with this simple infographic

let us talk about the business, any business

  1. a customer, a segment of customers, all the world has a certain need 
  2. you have the elf eyes to discover that need, or you are just lucky to have the ability to satisfy that need
  3. the customers are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money in exchange for having that need satisfied 
  4. you create the product, service, website or whatever they need (the value) (Value Creation)
  5. you sell them the idea of having it, and you sell yourself, your CV, your experience to them (Marketing) 
  6. they pay you coins for the "value" (Sales)
  7. you spend some of that money in gambling and shit (lucky, you deserved it), and the other some is pumped to the business again for some enhancements and updates and expansion (Finance)
  8. the customers are loving the "value" and loving you. Congrats, you managed to satisfy their need (Value delivery)

It is that simple: any business in the world must have these 5 core processes:

  1. value creation
  2. marketing
  3. sales
  4. value delivery
  5. finance 
if you define these 5 processes and have an imagination of how you will manage them in your brilliant idea that will save this world and whole universe, then you can start thinking seriously about taking this idea outside your imagination to the real world 

to memorize: create value, market it, sell it, value is delivered, finance it :)

we will discuss each of these core processes in the following posts, so keep up :)