21 November, 2013

1-2-2 marketing: Receptivity

-         A famous fact: our sensory systems are bombarded all the time with signals that our brain can't deal with and analyze. So what does our brain do? It filters data all the time. Our brains are actively filtering date that doesn't matter to us and giving care only to what matters to us. Even when we are asleep our brain does that; think how it filters sounds except you familiar faint and weak alarm clock sound, it just recognizes it and act according to that
-         That filtering is not a permanent thing, it changes all the time according to
-         The signal identity: I don't care about sports, so I ignore commercials about sports events
-         The time: I am researching right now, so I am not interested in the newest Samsung phone now, even though I am a tech nerd
-         The place:  I am shopping in the mall right now, I am open to offers that I usually ignore anywhere else

-         signal that we don't care about, our brains just ignore it, skip it
-         Our brains even seek for info that we are interested in, not just actively pay attention to it.
Receptivity is:
A measure of how much someone is interested in a specific thing  
-         Factors of receptivity are so decisive that we tend to consider interesting signals that don't fit in the right time or place as spams. And our brain isn't objective and fair about that, it add a negative mark to such things
So pay attention not to spam, just be there where people expects you and when they are looking for you, ready for you
-         Reach your market in a way that they are likely to be receptive to it
That is just so important that it worth paying money, time and effort to learn about your potential customers
So focus on
1-    Who I am targeting?
2-    What I am marketing, what they are interested in?
3-    When is the right time to approach them?
4-    Where is the right place to approach them?
5-    How to reach them, in which way, what is the best technique?
6-    How much pressure is the right amount not to be considered as spam, and to be enough to attract attention?
Tip: the best and easiest way known now to apply these questions to is advertising on search engines: people are in the mode to look for info regarding your business in that way (searching over the net)

So, make this you idol and try to validate these 6 questions in any way or method of marketing you are thinking of :)