27 November, 2013

1-3-5 sales: Value based pricing

No matter what method you are going to use to set the price, the 4th choice [Value comparison method] has to be considered as a factor [at least] in the pricing strategy
This post is about how to do this. Value based selling is
Process of understanding the value that you are providing to the other party & framing your offer to appear as valuable as possible

-         The more valuable the other party perceives your offer, the more you can change
-         They have to get the feeling that what you are asking for is far more less than the value you are offering
-         Value-based pricing is all about "OH my GOD, this guy know exactly what I want. No one understands what I want like this one :)"

Long story short ….you need to be more of an info-type salesman more than a personality-type

And of course go for the slow-relationship technique. Listen to your customers, know what they want and present your offer in a way that you can prove that you are listening to them (not just at the marketing and selling time, but from the moment you start planning your business)