25 November, 2013

1-2-15 marketing: Call-to-action

Many people are just great at getting customers' attention, and then they just don't go to the next step
Because getting attention won't get you any money. You have to know that:

People are sooo naive and when you take the lead in that marketing conversation, they expect you to tell them what to do next. Don't just be like "Now you know that my offer is great, and that is your decision to buy or not. I am not saying anything to you"

That is just wrong. You should literally "prompt" them to do a thing, take an action. And then they have the choice to say yes or no

That term is called "call-to-action"

You have to tell people exactly what to do next after you get their attention

The more you give them more space to think, the more effort they have to do, and the more Nos you will get as a respond for your offer

So, after getting their attention you have to
Give them a simple, short, very distinctive, clear, specific, obvious prompt to do something
Always have a call-to-action. And the best 2 would be:
1-    Asking for direct sales
2-    Ask for permission
Example of call-to-actions:
-         Give suggestion
-         Offer
-         Action to do
-         Please buy
-         Call specific number
-         Give contact info
-         Take a free sample
Very important note; remember not to cross the line between "making the customer welcoming to your prompt" and "making him feel that he is being sold to, or giving something against his will"

I used "prompt" instead of "order" to make the customer feel that the action is taken by him, not anyone else