13 November, 2013

1-1-2 value creation: in searching for a value

so, you are in search for a value to start your business with
here is what:

people always need something, but sometimes it needs very keen eyes to discover and notice that

- go for the need they have been crying out loud for, that SURE will succeed


- convince them with a need they want, they are in desperate need pf that but they just don't know
convince them how their life is miserable without your amazing "idea", and good luck with that. That is 50/50 hit


- create the need for your value, hardest of all, mission impossible. Yet, doable

another thing: of course don't be stupid enough to target only 5 people with your extremely shitty and bizarre product, go for the large market, you have a LOT of options
  • hit laaaaarge market with low-value product (the more the better of course)
  • hit small market with high-value product (no low-value here)
  • hit rare and unique market (preferably rich) with extremely rare product they are desperate for 
tips here
- go to the no-competition market. search for a brand idea.The more the competitors, the more difficult for you to survive and succeed.
-  or enter a lot-of-competition market with extremely huge number of customers that will feed every one there for them (notice the smartphone market for example)

and finally remember, It is not about what you take from them, it is all about how much value you give them, how much you make their life better, give a lot of value, then you will have the right to ask for the return