21 November, 2013

1-2-4 marketing: Ignore the world

Here is a fact you may see devastating, but actually it is not:

There are about 7000,000,000 persons in the world, 99.99999% of them don't want to give you their money

-         That is totally fine. You don't need to have all that
-         Attempting to reach all those people would be just a waste of time, money and effort, if not a wrong thing to do (think of spamming and it is bad effects, people will hate you and convey that impression to your probable purchaser, everybody lose here).
-         You need only to reach for the "PROBABLE PURCHASER " and just ignore everyone else
-         So, focus on spending most of (if not all) your marketing efforts on your most receptive customers

The more you can define your most receptive customers (your most probable purchasers), the more effective your marketing will be