25 November, 2013

1-2-13 marketing: Ask for approach

People nowadays are pretty strict regarding their personal space. They have limited time and energy, and they just don't like being spammed by things that don't matter to them

And we spoke before about how annoying that would be to them. Spammers just would get the opposite of what they hope for. These people would hate just these offers and may convey these negative reviews to prospect customers

-         Spamming means that you advertise to a very large number of people hoping that a small percent of them (your prospect customers) get interested and go for your offer.
Notice the difference here between this and the concept of going to where your prospect customers who are already interested- gather

Spamming is very ineffective, expensive, and has far less response if not opposite results. It is more of a harm-doer than benefit-doer

So AVOID SPASMS! The best way of approaching people is to

-         Identify your prospect customers
-         Get their contact info, prepare your contact strategy
-         Get attention by
-         Ask for permission to approach (that would not be a problem at all. If you are in the right place and time for them, you will get that. And if not, you are safe, and they will respect you for respecting their time and privacy)
-          You get permission
-         And follow up
Very important note is to use that permission, not abuse it. Over use that permission will be just spamming

Remember that the best way to get their permission is to ask for it, or leave a door opened to give them the chance to approach if they are interested