30 November, 2013

1-3-9 sales: Dimension of negotiation

When you come to the actual conversation of negotiation, you are supposed to be finished with 2/3 of the negotiation at this point

Sales negotiation consists of three parts/steps:

1-    The deal setup
-         The factors to the deal
-         Who are you negotiating with
-         What is his background
-         How much is he willing to pay
-         What is it that he wants
-         what do you have that interests him
-         this part is about collecting as much info as you can to structure your conversation and environment well

2-    The deal structure
-         What is you plan to approach him
-         What is your best offer, you best next alternative
-         What is his best deal, his best next alternative
-         What to propose
-         What is more/less important to him, you
-         When to walk away from that
-         How much time do you both have
-         The environmental factors and conditions
-         This part is all about setting the place, time, and strategy of the negotiation

3-    The discussion part
-         The usual part that everyone know about
-         That is where you set with the other party, go back and forth in the conversation
-         Till you both can get to a common ground

Notice that if you are well prepared, studied the first 2 dimensions very good; by the time you reach the 3rd step it is just a matter of time till you close the deal in the best win/win situation ever :)