25 November, 2013

1-2-11 marketing: Frame your speech

In conversations we don't tell everything. Rather, we tend to speak only about things that matter, emphasize stuff and de-emphasize other topics, stress on some words and sentences and just mention others without any importance

That is called "Framing", and we do that all the time. And since marketing is all about communication, you just can't give all the information about your product. That would be impossible in terms of your time and your customers' time

Communication is always compressed. And you have to follow this rule also in marketing

"Framing" can be so effective if you understand it and use it right and in no manipulative way. Examples:

-         "Invest X money in that" instead of "that would cost you X money" …. That would give them the feeling that they are giving money, not losing money. Though it is the same meaning at the end
-         "You will pay X less than ---------- " instead of "we cost X money"
-         "This place is more intimate, warm and welcoming" instead of "this place is smaller than the other one"
Small ethical note here; use "framing" all the time to focus on the benefits and to stress things in the positive side, but if there are any serious important info, people have the right to know about them. So don't be manipulative and omit certain info that would harm your customers. That would just be against your favor on the long run