18 November, 2013

1-1-15 value creation: What the hell do they want :D

Long story short: the ultimate goal of the vale creation part is to get a value that is appealing to the targeted customers in the shape of a business model

So, getting feedback from people is an essential part of that

You want to know what is there in the people's minds

Here are some tips on getting good feedback

-         Ask open ended questions: the 6 Ws: who, what, when, where, why, how
-         Try to lead people and help them to reach a particular conclusion, whatever it is to you
-         Keep listening. It is not a debate. It is not a conversation. Don't reply. Just get everything you can from them. 
Fulfill the reason behind this: let people speak their minds sincerely about this. Only talk to explain or correct a wrong understanding from them about the idea
-         Find a way to record everything you can get, revise it later. During the taking of feedback just focus on recording not thinking and measuring. You can do that later
-         Focus on the body language and gestures and shit
-         Don't YOU get subjective about it, keep calm no matter what you hear
-         Remember, you want to hear opinions, not complements
-         I can't tell if a positive feedback is an honest one or not. People tend to lie and give complements all the time. But I am 100% sure that a nasty, criticizing feedback is F honest one. So don't be mad of that, that is something good
-         Try to get the most negative feedback from people, and try to make them feel as safe as hell to be opened to you
-         Remember this; the shitty feedback is life-saving from spending money and effort on something worthless. Imagine you had this you-think-brilliant idea you are ready to spend all your money on it, and just one came and convinced you that it is a crap, and it turned out to be crap for real and no one would've bought it
-          According to the mission description here, the worst result is not getting bad negative feedback. The worst result is getting no feedback at all, that neutral look on person that you don't understand what that would mean. Nothing, nothing at all. 
Even a bad feedback is something you can start from, but a glassy look and a poker face? Come On :S
-         Do Not focus on friends and family. You will get the most non-objective feedback in the world. It is very rare to get  anything helpful from that, and for sure you are not looking for encouragement
Q- Who are the best people to get feedback from? The people you are targeting with your business

Q- What is the best indicator of a good feedback? That the targeted people start to preorder your "value form". When money is evolved in the positive feedback (e.g. donations, pre-orders, etc.), make sure that you are very near to be ready to launch your business.

So if you have an opportunity to make the customers pre-order the value you are offering, use it and you'll get the most sincere positive feedback that people will pay for your "value"