25 November, 2013

1-2-17 marketing: Let the fight begin

An Irish proverb:
"If you want audience; start a fight!"
A famous proverb:
"Try to satisfy everyone, and you will end up satisfying no one"
-         Your business must have a soul, a character of its own.
-         No business is out there for everyone. A business must have a sort of "sharp edges". If  not, it will be very very boring
Remember the post "Remarkability"?  Being remarkable means being "controversial". Some people at some point have to hate you because the worst thing in business in to get everyone thinking "meh :I "about your business.

You better get some fans and some haters

-         When your business is remarkable and controversial, people start talking about you. Even if some of them talk bad about you , you still get attention
And a thing to know, getting attention is more than enough. When prospect customers read bad reviews about you, they get interested and go to confirm that. Some of them will turn to be your customers

So attention is all what you seek

Controversy is a good thing as long as you make it about the benefit (main value) you are offering, not for the sake of "controversy" itself.

And take care not to cross the line to the "too controversial" area. It is an easy thing to antagonize everyone in this area :)