14 November, 2013

1-1-9 value creation: the forms of value

so we are in the section of value creation now

you have this great idea "Value" of how you can offer people something new and profitable

but you CANNOT buy them the idea itself, they will not benefit from it, you have to convert it to something tangible, intangible that they can own, handle, use .... etc.

noticing how a "value" could be converted to be offered to people, there are 12 forms of "Value":

  1. product
  2. service
  3. shared resource
  4. subscription - continuity 
  5. resale
  6. lease
  7. affiliation - agency
  8. audience aggregation
  9. loan
  10. option
  11. insurance
  12. capital
notice that usually businesses offer more than one value form. In other words, businesses usually are categorized in more than one "value form" 

we will discuss each of these in the next posts