13 November, 2013

1-1-3 value creation: killing the unborn :_(


if you are not a billionaire (which you probably not), do NOT ever get wrapped up in the excitement of how YOU think your idea is brilliant and that it will change the life and death of people,


Just for the GOD's sake, do not get too psyched about idea and forget to investigate the market you are targeting

The market is full of stories of stupid people who spent 100s of millions on providing "VALUES" that people don't simply need

study the need of your market will, make sure that most of it recognize their NEED for your VALUE, and
There are some of them HUNGRY for your "Value" 
- tip: a new direction in marketing is to start with the innovators and early adopters. For,

  1. their number is enough to test your business on a small scale 
  2. they will be interested enough to market your ideas to the rest of the market segment
  3. they are responsive and positively interactive enough to provide you with very helpful suggestions, feedbacks to modify and fix things early enough before expanding to the less interested, more negatively-criticizing segment of the market 
  4. it will be easier to market to them, they are already hungry, curious and open to try new things 

see this video, it will help explaining my idea