30 November, 2013

1-3-8 sales: What do you have to offer?

It is just stupid to be narrow minded and think only of a business as an exchange of money and goods. 

There are 3 main things people exchange with each other…. It is not just money

1-    Resources: goods, money, tangible stuff
2-    Effort: training, experience, time, work, productivity, after sales service … etc.
3-    Flexibility: being available for extra time, not work for competitors, publishing rights, returnable tickets, extra options …. Etc.

People trade all forms of theses "Universal Currencies" all the time, in the same type, between different types, in the same category of between different categories… using only one thing, or a combination between different things

If you think about all the probabilities I mentioned, you will come up with infinite options and dimensions you can negotiate :)  and consider during your sales call

-         And people don't only care about the tangible goods, the other stuff is sooo important to them if you present their values well to them 

So, make many options and be prepared for shifting from one option or offer to another depending on what your customer wants