22 November, 2013

1-2-6 marketing: "PITA" customers

-         A very strange concept, you do all the time but you never think of it that way:
It is effective to turn away some customers who are willing to pay for your product
Think how many times you have a very bad customer that just makes you lose it, drain your energy and make you lose 3 good customers in order to stay serving him. Soooo bad that you had to treat him very badly to get rid of him
They are called "PITA" customers = "Pain In The Ass" customers
They will pay you for that you are offering, but will make you regret that and give you very hard time till you make the selling, with after sell-services, and will just absorb most of your time and effort that the final result of dealing with them (do not consider money only) will not be in your favor by any means
Some potential customers are just not the customers you want to deal with.

That is a marketing term; "qualification" which means:
Separating customers you want from customers you don't want

-         You can do this by marketing, state what you expect your customers to be, not to waste the time of yours and the time of these PITA customers
-         You should have some conditions and statements that you should make it very clear to your customers so that they won't waste your time to figure out at the end that the price range is too high for them, the delivery time doesn’t suite them ….etc.
-         You have to figure that the customers you want to deal with by yourself
-         You have to focus on the most profitable, comforting-to-deal-with customers

Even if that PITA customer has become already your customer you can get rid of him by many ways: refund, send him to a competitor, gently refuse working with him again … etc.

It is that simple to just state the type of customers you want to serve