15 November, 2013

1-1-9-5 value creation, the forms of value: resale

as simple as that: you are the middle man

  • you don't have to create anything
  • you buy - you sell 
  • your job mostly is all about in delivery and service 

  1. buy a saleable value from a supplier at the lowest price possible 
  2. keep it
  3. keep it in good condition 
  4. find customers who want it, and FIND them FAST. Inventory costs are higher than you think, and demanding
  5. sell at the highest price possible 
YOU better notice that suppliers are your blood, flesh and bones here, MAINTAIN the best relations with them 

Also, you better be well aware of the market rules and protocols. Study the market you intend to do your business in before you take the ride, so that you won't be surprised of anything later. 
In business, surprises are usually a very bad thing :)