13 November, 2013

1-1-1 value creation: what you need is what you need

as simple as that:

so you are interested in business, huh. Then you have to improve the 5 skills related to the 5 core processes of business

anything you learn that can improve your skills in any of the 5 core processes, including this course (of course), is called economically valuable skill

skills that will increase your value, your experience, and your business efficiency. Even if you are rich enough to hire experts in all the 5 processes of business, you still need to understand how this and that works, have an overall prospect on how the whole things is coming together, and how that parts are perfectly synched and working together to make the whole thing run

mostly, you are good with at least one of the 5 core processes of business, so work on the others to level them with the good one, and work on them all to increase your efficiency and capabilities