25 November, 2013

1-2-14 marketing: Hook them!

Here is another ramification of the people being busy and having no time; they tend to ignore complicated messages. We just filter them. May remember them for a while but then forget about them.

Think about a complicated long explanation of some theory that you have read, or an interesting YouTube video with a long complicated name. you just forget about the details, and you have to search for it to read about it again in order to remember them

One of the best marketing tools is what is called A "HOOK":

Something that grabs people attention and shows the primary, main benefit.  And is really designed for very busy people

It is usually:
-         Short, in form of slogan – title – tagline
-         Simple
-         Catchy
-         Unusual , different from what people are used to
-         Interesting
-         Doesn't take effort to get, read, understand
-         Convey the primary value, benefit
Getting a hook is not an easy task; it comes with experiment and continuous iteration. Mainly the usual way to get started is to:

-         Write down ideas, benefits, and things that you want to communicate to customers.
-         Brainstorm lists of words
-         Play with combinations

One you have your hook, use it everywhere :) That would very very effective marketing plan.