25 November, 2013

1-2-12 marketing: Free samples for everyone :D

A quote:
"To charge nobody nothing is a guarantee of no profit. Getting attention is not the same as getting paid"
-         You just can't everything for free all the time, that would be no business
-         However, one of the best ways to getting attention "the near goal of marketing" is to give something upfront for free. People will live the experience and test the value without any feeling of risk, being unsafe or uncomfortable or being tricked
-         This strategy has one disadvantage (Guess what?); it doesn't pay
-         So you have to come to a point that you stop giving away and start trading
-         You should of course have something prepared to offer by the point you start asking for money 
-         The  most common ways of doing that is
1-    Give away all your "value form" for some time, and then ask for money to continue using it (test-drive, full product trial version … etc.)
2-    Give away part of your "value form" and ask for money to enjoy 100% of it (samples, free incomplete version… etc.)

3-    Give away something of what you are offering but not in the same form you are offering it (make it less comfortable, part of it ….. like watermarks on videos)