21 November, 2013

1-2-5 marketing: They aren’t buying products

Remember what I wrote about that marketing isn't a purpose for itself, the end results we want from it is sales

Same concept here: people are not paying for products, services to just have/own them, there is end results/purpose behind that. Things are not what they care about. "Value forms" are ways to end results
Most products are secondary to a primary desire/purpose that drive people to pay for that specific "value form"

So, "END RESULTS" are what buyers looking for in the stuff they pay money for

-         There is this quote "People don't want to buy a .25 inch drill. They want to buy a .25 inch whole" 
-         You need to search for the reason behind the desire to buy what you are offering, and focus your marketing on that. Instead of just stating the features of your "value form"
All brands stress on marketing the end results instead of the actual features. For example:
1-     Beauty brands sell the end results of what you are getting when you buy this 200$ lipstick
2-    Car companies sell the social status, the thrill, the experience of riding their cars
3-    Real estate companies sell the quality of life, not the houses
4-    Universities are selling the connections, the feeling that you will find a job easily right after graduation, the status you will be at when you join them
And so on, no one is talking about the dimensions, the area, the versions, the upgrades or all those little details.
Some marketing campaigns never say a word about the product itself
Marketing is most effective when focus on the end results, because that is what people actually want

At last, you need to differentiate between Features and Benefits
Benefits are hat people actually want. The end results
Features are a prove that you "value form" can provide the benefit they want
Focus all your efforts on marketing benefits, and use features as your wing-man to prove what you are offering as benefits