21 November, 2013

1-2-1 marketing: A tool, not a purpose

Don't you forget that about marketing: don’t be so immersed by it. Marketing is just a tool to achieve better sales

Think of sales as the goal, and marketing is the tool to that

Getting famous is not the goal if it doesn’t achieve the purpose behind it; getting paid for what you are offering

Point made clear? OK. Let us move on to the "getting attention" part

-         Marketing goal (forget about sales now) is to convert some ordinary people (from the targeted market of course)  to prospect customers (grab their attention)
N.B. the sales goal is converting the prospect customers to real paying ones

-         Getting attention is preceded by another inevitable step; that people care already about what you are offering. That should be validated in the "value creation section "
Think about advertising Viagra everywhere for 100 years to a WOMAN  

-         Surrounded by media all the time, know that your prospect attention is very crowded and time-limited, and all brands and businesses in the world are competing for his time and attention
-         Any attention you are able to attract must be earned, you have no option in this fierce wilderness of competition
-         Marketing is so demanding and competitive part of any business. And it is just unlimited regarding means and resources. So to be effective and direct; look for the attention of the people that matter = target the people to whom your product add-value is important and interesting
-         So, long story short; high quality marketing is targeting the interest of people who will care

Tip; a study shows that it takes 7 advertisements to get a customer to buy something (if they are already interested in the add-value)