15 November, 2013

1-1-9-3 value creation, the forms of value: shared resource

a shared resource is an asset (tangible or intangible) that is designed to be used by more than one customer, and they pay for having access to use this asset

think about gyms, movies, online games .... etc.

No problem with being duplicated, it doesn't have something unique that cannot be duplicated like the skill thing in the "service" value form

Notice that

  • this "value form" is risky for two things: 
  1. it costs A LOT of money to build the asset and to maintain it. 
  2. you need to estimate the number of customers needed to break even, and you must be sure that the asset is build to take at least more than that number  
  • make sure that you serve as many customers as you can without compromising the quality of the "value"
  • make sure that you charge enough to get a profit + to maintain the quality of the resource