27 November, 2013

1-3-3 sales: How much

The problem of every entrepreneur's life: What is the right price to put for my "value form"?
You feel like there is one right choice and one only, and you no idea what is the right "number" to choose

-         So let me tell you something: there is no absolute right answer to that, not even a right range of prices to fall in
-         All prices are ultimately arbitrary. Of course there are some factors you should consider when you are deciding the price, but there is no authority to decide or limit your will. You may offer a rock for 5 billion dollars, and you can set .25 cent as a price for your latest IPad
-         This post is only to tell you that prices can be set to anything at any moment without limitations
The best example of this is auctions
The problem doesn't arise from setting high or low price for your offering … but the problem arises from setting too high price that people won't pay or too low that it will be worthless
-         Your offer must be of worth to what you are offering to be able to get a deal 
-         You must always support the price: to be able to give reasons why that price equals the value that you provide
As a general rule:
The price should be the highest that most people are willing to pay

(In a perfect world, I would gather all my prospect customers and make an auction to know that piece of info)