18 November, 2013

1-1-13 value creation: Project [X]

So many of you guys are really kind of thinking: "I have brilliant idea and I am f genius. So, I won't tell anyone about it, not even my potential customers [:poop:] because I know already what they want. I will just finish it and KABOOM, I will hit them with it and they will just throw me all the money in their pocket. I am awesome and I love myself :)"

Let me then hit you with these fast, devastating facts:

-         None is that brilliant
-         The internet is full of the most amazing ideas and future concepts that you will just lose consciousness form its awesomeness
-          There is no job called "ideas generator" or something
-         People won't pay that much for just a hypothetical brilliant idea
-         Coming up with a good business idea is the easiest part of the process
-         It is all about how you convert this idea to a real business form, the detailed steps you should take to make this happen
-         You the phrase "SUCCESS IS ONLY 1% GENIOUS AND 99% EFFORT", it is more than true
-         Keeping your idea that secret (you know STAELTH MODE? :) really increase the chance that it won't work
-         Competition is hugely overrated, and particularly regarding the hypothetical part
-         No matter what you think, you won't get the whole picture until you learn about your idea and how it interacts with the customers
-         Best way to know what the customers really want is to show them your working progress
-         Just keep it secret, AAAAAND you will be surprised and amazed by what the people actually want, and I mean by amazed, in a bad way :)
-          Real customers who will pay for the business say different things -all time- than what you think, what you hear un focused groups, MBA theories
-         Please listen to my words, JUST DON’T BE THAT AFRAID FROM COMPETITION, OK?
There is this term that you probably never heard of its use, it u called "PROTOTYPE"

And that is an early version of what you intend to create. It may be anything that your customers can see, use and criticize it. It could be in the form of physical thing, wire frame, codes, design, drawing, simple UI, service, skill, etc.

-         You show that to the customers
-         Tell them what it is
-         And what it does
-         How they would benefit from that
-         Get feedbacks, comments, suggestions
-         Work on it, develop it, adjust it
-         Repeat the previous steps
-         Till your idea is appealing to the potential customers, and be ready to gain money when it hits the streets
-         For the best results: the closer your prototype too the actual thing you intend to buy, the better results you will get
-         Thank me later :)