30 November, 2013

1-3-7 sales: Compete against one only

So you are a noobi in the gym, are you going to compete with the best buffed guys over there? Of course your vision is to level with them and even be better. But thinking of competition like this is very demanding. You just take it step by step and set your next goal to level with your next better guy then the next …… till you are the best

Same here is sales, when negotiating with the customers you are really competing with their next best option.
To explain this; when you are making the sales call, customers will do three things:

1-    They will buy from you
2-    They will turn out to be not interested and won't buy
3-    They are still engaged but don’t like your offer
I am talking about the 3rd probability … make sure that your offer is better than the next best alternative or most of your customers will leave you for it

And remember that in negotiations, the ultimate power is the ability of the customers to walk away from you without anything to regret

-         Study and understand the best next alternative to offer something better than it (in any form, and a cheat: think about more info and education)

-         It would be perfect if you offer also the best next alternative in form of another offer package, a discount, an accessory, a free training, a modified product … etc.