13 November, 2013

1-1-4 value creation: driven

5 things, since we existed on this planet, 5 things drive us to go out the cave and take action

We love to 

1- acquire

the tangibles: physical things, just look at all the things around you that you think you must, and don't have to own it 

the intangibles: power, fame, authority, didn't you feel before a sense of pride or joy when many people like a status you posted on FB or twitter?

2- learn

we are curious enough to love to learn and explore new things in the world 

I don't necessarily think of the strict learning in colleagues and E-learning websites, be more flexible like an infographic page on the FB or something  

think of these 3 categories:

AHA:     love to know new info 
HAHA:  love to know funny new things
HAAA:  love to know and experience heartwarming things in this world 

3- bond

we are social animals who just can't live without forming relationships of every kind 
family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, dates, professional people, idols 

think of all these social websites thriving on this need of ours 

4- defend

we tend to defend the things we own, tangibles and intangibles

interesting thing to know, even it can be easier, cheaper, more peaceful to get another thing of what you may lose, we still want to fight for the original one 
Confused?? here is a hint; think about bonding :)

and If you want examples, we all live in one, the system and regime that rule us with all its institutions, police force, army, all of that to keep and defend the things we believe they are ours to own and use 

5- feel

why we love watching movies, go to operas, listen to music, go to galleries, sign up in flickr, 500px, soundcloud and pandora ??? think FEEL ;) 

- so recognize and notice any market with any need falling in one of more of these categories and hooray, you found yourself the need to begin satisfying