27 November, 2013

1-3 sales: Tip, Selling techniques

Two main types I am going to talk about:

1-    The fast, swift, aggressive selling technique
-         Doesn't work well anymore
-         They tend to do more harm than use
-         Salesmen try to market and close the deal in one session
-         For businesses where you meet people once and you will never see them again
-         Trust level gained = 0% Customers feel that you don't listen to them. And you've never tried to
-         All salesmen do here is talk talk talk.
-         Customers feel being sold to
-         Salesmen mainly sell personality here

2-    The slow relationship technique
-         Way better technique
-         Mainly focus on building trust with the customers
-         Salesmen first focus is not closing the deal, but building good slow trustful sincere relation with their customers
-         Takes time, but pays sooooo good on the long run
-         All salesmen do here is just listening to their customers, know what they want.
-         And then they have many options and protocols and try to target them with a conversation that the offer is just what they have been looking for all their lives
-         Customer feel that they take the decision on their own
-         Salesmen mainly sell information here
  I think it is pretty damn obvious which one to go for. People just don’t like being sold to, and the feeling that they are being scammed. And it is just to hard to make a transaction without building enough trust between you/your product and the customers

Choosing the swift aggressive type will make you face

-         Last moment opinion changes
-         Second guesses before and after the deal
-         More complaints and doubtful questions after the purchase