26 November, 2013

1-3-2 sales: Gain trust before anything

We have talked about one difference between marketing and sales; Marketing is getting attention sales is getting paid

You can put that in other words:
Marketing is getting attention, sales is getting trust
-         No one will pay anyone any money if they don’t trust them first
-         Sales men who always try to push things too fast to seal the deal never make good sales. They just look like scammers  and people just become afraid of them
-         You need to establish trust between you and your customers for the transaction to take place
-         People have to verify the one they will give their money to, and they have to trust that you can deliver them the value you are promising them
So, the best strategy in sales is to go for establishing trust first, and then the actual transaction will be a piece of cake. It may take time so don't worry

Establishing trust may be in nontangible form like a relationship, or we may use something tangible to force that trust. Examples:

-         Credit checks
-         Background checks
-         CVs
-         Deposits
-         Customer reviews
-         Reputation

At last, remember to gain your customers' trust first before you try to get the deal done