10 March, 2014

This is just the start

We have finished the course, but never done learning about the business. We just have learned about the crust of how to run a business and all of this is aimed at making you confident enough to open the door with confidence and start digging your own way
We are never done learning about anything in this information-bursting age. Information and sciences are always changing, overlapping, specializing, branching and accumulating more info from themselves of from other realms

I hope you enjoyed the ride as I did. Go make a checklist of what you have to read or study after this 

3-3-18 improving systems: Experimental mindset

So, how you can find this middle path?
You are an entrepreneur. You are making your own way. There are no instructions of anyone who has taken the same path before you are digging your own way
And you can't know for sure what is the right thing to do before you actually take a risk, jump in and give it a try; "experiment it" I mean
-          All things that you are doing are kind of experimentation: putting a prototype, testing, trying …etc. You just do it intelligently enough; come up with the idea and see how to try it without risking everything  
Those skills, if you put yourself into the experimental mindset of “There’s really no such thing in business as failure, there are things that work and there are things that don’t work, and the things that don’t work give you more information or point you in the direction of the things that do.” That’s pretty much it.
As long as you experiment smartly, even the things that don’t work for you can provide valuable input to the next round of iterations, the next prototype, the next product, and that’s the cool part.
You have all of these things that you could *possibly* do, and collecting all of this information, and a lot of business really comes down to trying stuff.
If you take away the pressure that everything that you need to do has to be perfect… and the more you got away from that and started just thinking, “I’m just going to try something, and see what happens.” The more wonderful things started happening, because the more you try, the more information you collect about what works and what doesn’t.

So one of the very best things, and I hope you take this away very clearly from the course, even though the future is uncertain and you don’t know exactly what exactly will work, nobody does, just the mindset of experimenting with things to try it and see what works and collect information and then try it again and keep doing it and have fun with it. And that’s what effective business really is all about. And the more you do that, the more successful you’ll be. That’s The Experimental Mindset.  

3-3-17 improving systems: The middle path

Throughout the course it seems like there isn't anything that you can optimize, things always move between too much and too little and this changes always with time
This makes BUSINESS as much of an art as it is a science. There is a sense in it; How much you should produce? What do personally think of this? What do you think the most probable scenario to happen? Etc.   
There is an old quote by Aristotle that says, “A master in any art avoids what is too much, and what is too little. They search for the mean and choose it.”

You will find yourself always searching for this middle ground