09 March, 2014

3-3-8 improving systems: The paradox of automation

The paradox goes like this: the more efficient is the system, the more automated it is, the more important it is for an expert to be there, the less he has to do; or else the system wouldn't be that efficient

And what happens when a guy just sets there without anything to do? He gets board, he gets less efficient with time and he loses his skills with time

And the funniest yet most dangerous thing is that people tend to forget why they hire him in the first place and keep asking why we are paying him if he is doing nothing, and then they fire him. They will discover how stupid they are as soon as the system makes an error

Don't ever forget why people are so important to be there even if they are doing nothing most of the time, keep them always busy by making them go through quality training, tests … etc. and you will overcome the disadvantage of losing their skill with time