06 March, 2014

3-3-5 improving systems: Friction

For any system to continue running you have to keep adding input into it. Without input the system slows down with time till it finally stops.

Why we need to add input all the time? For the same reason we have to hit the ball more than once to across the field to reach the goal: Friction

Friction is another universal concept that applies to the business like anything around us

Most of the time friction is a bad thing and hinders you from reaching your goal, so you have to do 2 things

1-     And the most important thing: is to get rid of this friction as possible as you can. Pave the way to your goal so that you spend less energy, time, power to get to your goal
2-     Keep pushing and adding input, increase the power of your shots to get faster and to add more inertia to every input before it loses its effectiveness

-          The more energy you have to expend to do your work, the less efficient is the system
-          The less energy, time and the better design of the system; the more efficient the system is
Lessen friction is most important with things you do on a regular basis in the system

Notice that friction is not always a bad thing. Think of it like a tool; it can be used to make some good to your business. How?

-          Confirmation and tasks review are made to decrease errors
-          A lot of papers and operations to go through when returning goods
-          Processes you through when you apply to a scholarship or a good job- are used to decrease and filter out some of the enormous number of applicants

Always keep in your mind the friction theory, and use it in your favor all the time to either slow down process or removing it to make things go smoother and faster with less energy and time