10 March, 2014

3-3-11 improving systems: Cessation

All the time we think of improving, introducing, developing, fixing….… always DOING something to the system.

One of the best approaches successful people always do is one of the most radical ideas ever > NOT doing = cessation

Cessation: stopping doing things that aren’t working anymore, or don’t serve you, or are causing problems that you have to fix later, or wasting your time, or you think they are urging but they actually aren't, or unimportant things…. etc.-  is a subtle but probably the most important way to understand to fix an issue.
For example: If a customer is abusive, stop calling them. If they’re a pain in the butt, stop selling to them. If an employee is causing more problems than they’re actually providing value, fire them. All of these things – you don’t have to continue doing all the things that you’re doing. You can stop. And if you stop doing the right things, you can actually make the entire system run much better.

You don't need to fix something broke by something else that stopped because a third thing …….. One thing you have to do; look at the root of the problem and cut it and you are finally free