10 March, 2014

3-3-13 improving systems: Resilience

Resilience is equal to "defensive measures":
Some massively underrated and critically important qualities for businesses to protect themselves out in the world (among competitors, in the environment, in the market, in the financial world)
There are some bad and good things about resilience

-          It makes your business live longer
-          It makes the business withstand rough conditions, disasters and situations
-          They are designed to make you need them less with time
-          The better the system is, the less you need them
So resilience is important but has a price: it is not efficient; the resources used in them aren't always used and are intended to use them less. Also resilience makes you less and slower responsive to the environment

Think of resilience as it resembles a turtle; slow and not efficient creature but it consumes less energy, live longer, has it is own cave … etc.