25 November, 2013

1-2-16 marketing: Time for bed stories

A study: people since existence are so haunted by stories. We have evidence that people had tell stories since they know how to transfer experiences through generations

And the most common pattern of stories is:

-         Find a hero, that lives a normal ordinary live
-         Receive a call-to-adventure
-         Accept the call
-         Slay the dragon
-         Receive a mighty gift
-         Go back to normal life as a known hero with that mighty gift
What is that has to do with marketing? We find a way to engage that into marketing ….. telling the customers a hero story

Well, not a typical classic Greek myth. But a story about them that follow the same pattern

You just immerse them in the story, shoot them with sensory info and emotional shit that would cancel the logical parts of their brains and help them visualize the experience they will have if they buy our offer. Their human core desires will just be on fire and they will just crave to live the myth

-         People want to be heroes all the time. They want to be admired, respected and to be notorious
-         The most common form of this narrative action marketers use is "TESTIMONIALS"; which are really hero stories about previous customers who have already taken the path before. So everyone get a clear safe instructions of the journey to be that hero

So invent your story in any form you want. Make your customers heroes and yourself the sword with which they kill the dragon and get the princess