29 January, 2014

2-3-4 working with others: Make them feel important!

What other people want? They want so many things on many levels; get the job done, get money, buy and wear expensive stuff, to be famous … etc.

But there is a current, a touch of a very delicate thing that is running through every action and desire and aim of any of us …. And that thing is to FEEL IMPORTANT

Feel important to ourselves, to others; that we appreciate ourselves and seek happiness for it, or get appreciated by people, to be admired

That's a very special kind of "Loving Power" [Power here means influence] which is the hardest and last sin that a human being can get rid of in his spiritual path to his god (according to Sufism)

The more important you make people feel, the more they like and the more you can influence them
-          Listen carefully [or at least pretend to]
-          Be sincere and try to help them make the right choice even if that wouldn't be in your favor (make lifelong customers), they will trust you like hell after that
-          Maintain eye contact

-          Treat them like persons not a potential sale