13 January, 2014

2-1-3 the human mind: The watcher theory

Our brains are built as layers:

1-     The core: the inner layer. Responsible for the basic autonomic functions that keep us alive; breathing, heart beating ….etc.
2-     The midbrain: responsible for perception, emotions, mental simulation (imaging scenarios and predictions)
3-     The forebrain: the cortex, the high-brian. The outside layer (crust). Responsible for language, processing …. This is the part that differentiates us from the other creatures on the planet…. That is what identifies us as human-beings
This cortex is literally ourselves 

-          All the inside thoughts we hear all the time inside our heads, which sometimes and be very dark and crazy and just very disturbing; this is called "Radio Chattering"
This radio chattering is coming from the midbrain. It is very important to understand that this is not us; it is simply our brains talking to us, reminding us of what they think important
-          We need to understand this concept very clearly for a couple of reasons
1-     Not to be annoyed that much by how strange and creepy these thoughts might be, these ideas are not attached to us by any means
2-     Our brains a lot of times just speak the most creative ideas and solutions ever. The best way to catch these thoughts is to treat them as a completely detached conversation by someone we don’t know

-          The concept "The Watcher" is just a strategy used in Yoga a lot as a  strategy of meditation; is just to detach yourself (your forebrain- your identity- the real you) from your midbrain and to just "WATCH" these ideas as they flow around you. By this means, you can pay attention to these thoughts and ideas and deal with them the best way possible