13 January, 2014

2-1-12 the human mind: Interpretation: fill in the planks

We never have complete info about any topic or situation we encounter in the real life, so our experiences and patterns we make are always somewhat subjective and not 100% based on mere facts

-           when we simulate a situation in our brains, that consequences (the extrapolation to the results) the missing info are filled-in by our brains based on the past experiences we had 
-          Also, when store experiences or patterns, our brains forget small details about them with time. When we restore them to look at them again, these missing info either are filled up by previous experiences OR make rearrangements to that whole experience
So when we reinterpret a past experience OR make mental simulations, we always look at them in a different way from that we used to look at them the previous times. This would give us a vast, versatile, mature, new look at things and may change our opinions or decisions about it

When you feel uncomfortable with a specific result or situation, recall the whole experience again, REINTERPRET it in a completely different light and you will see how things look different from the way you used to see them