15 January, 2014

2-1-22 the human mind: Scarcity

Another thing:

We tend to value more the scarce things (rare in numbers or for limited time)

For example:
-          Limited number of products
-          Limited number of offers/discounts
-          Offers/discounts for limited time
-          Limited editions of products
-          Subscriptions and registrations opened only for limited time
We love to feel especial and distinct. And we feel that "it must be soo good if too many people want it and I have it"

So, how would you use this in your favor?
-          Inject the scarcity element in your offer, use it to encourage sales every now and then
-          May be 'producing enough' is not always a bad thing
-          It is a tool to encourage customers to make a decision (whatever the decision is) … if time is available for people, no one will make a decision and you don't have enough time for all this shit. The feeling of 'going away' is why people hurry and make decisions

-          You need to find a good reason for this scarcity. People will ask for the reason of this scarcity and they won't love that you are doing this to make them buy it