15 January, 2014

2-1-20 the human mind: Association

Our brains don't store things individually, they always store them contextually ….. we tend to store things in groups based on relations to each other

Marketers always use this profound characteristic of our brains to link brands with positive things. For example:
-          Nike and Michael Jordan … wearing Nike won't make you be like him in anyway
-          Perfumes and celebrities
-          Sexy alcohol advertisements
-          Samsung and Messi …. What is the god damn relation ??
-          Coca-Cola and that always-happy people in their advertisements
-          Volvo: safety and security
-          The secret of Victoria: what do you think of right now? :)
The thing they are trying to do is to make your brain group this successful, sexy, attractive, famous, loved people with their brands, or even a certain positive emotion, situation …. A happy state of mind that it is forced to think of every time you mention their brand

-          Even if you are totally aware of what they are trying to do, your mind still store them together
-          Most of these associations don't make any logic, are not true, deceiving … and it still can deceive your brain

-          Associations (also it is called: positioning) you see now for most brands- are developed over very loooong long time and it is worth it totally

So, plan to associate your product with desirable characteristic- positive state-of-mind, and even if there is nothing logically true about that association, the qualities actually do from a psychological standpoint rub off, which is why it works.