29 January, 2014

2-3-3 working with others: Over communicating

The very best thing about working with yourself is that you don't need to spend time and energy to communicate your ideas, plans, thoughts with somebody else … as there is no one actually, you are on the same page with yourself, all focused and notified all the time

-          Bring an extra one with you … bring two … bring 150 people ……
The more people you work with, the more time and effort you need too communicate with them to be on the same page
At a certain point and if you did that all naive and unprofessional, you will find yourselves talk more than work :/
-          The best group size that their number adds a lot of capabilities without over-communication problems- is from 5 to 8 members
From 8 and higher, communication problems appears
At 12 people number, groups tend to splinter according to preferences, sex, races, specialties ……etc. and if this splitting is not controlled, it will be just a mess

The solution is:
-          Splinter groups from 5 to 8 members each
-          Make them as autonomous as possible. If their tasks depend on each other, we did nothing by splitting then
-          Design a swift, fast, short way of communication to avoid chit-chatting and side-communication problems

-          If 2 or more groups needs to be on the same page, it is more effective to make one of each team talk to each other and then transfer the summary to his group members