23 January, 2014

2-2-8 working with yourself: Simplifying "Projects"

We have to differentiate the meaning between the two words: (Project) and (Action/task)

-          A project: is anything that takes multiple steps to complete. It needs preparation and consists of many steps
-          An action/a task is something you can do in time immediately without preparation 
-          Dealing with the word (Project) seems like a big, hard thing to do. For example:
-          Learn how to dance Tango
-          Climb mount Everest
-          Learning MBA
-          Complete a marathon
Notice that the common thing in all "projects" is that they consist of many actions/steps/phases. You can just breakdown each of the previous projects into many simple steps/actions ….. even if a project consists of 10,000 simple steps … they seem doable and not impossible to do as the big, vague, impossible "project" … and it is just about time to get there

And remember that the million mile journey starts with one step 

So, breakdown every project you have into series of actions/tasks … write them down … and make schedule to do some of the actions you have to do every day … and  you will get there and achieve all your dreams

And always remember: One step at a time