19 January, 2014

2-2-5 working with yourself: Priming

We are surrounded by distractions all the time. If we keep paying attention to all colors, sounds, movements around us, our brains will just breakdown. Our brains cannot just handle all these info at once

So our brains filter out what we don't have to pay attention to and just pay attention to what is important right now. For example:

-          We don't pay attention to the cars in the streets unless we want to cross it
-          I am concentrating on writing right now, I didn't notice that my phone vibrates twice although it is right next to me
This gift is so profound in our minds that we do it efficiently all the time unconscious and unaware of it
This psychological phenomenon is called Priming:

"Our minds prioritize things it has to pay attention at the present moment, then it shifts the attention to something else when needed"

The magnificent thing is we can learn to do it consciously and on purpose. You will find it very beneficial in lots of ways:
-          It will save you a lot of time reading stuff, focusing….etc.
-          It will make you more able to multitasking, quickly shifting attention without being distracted
-          It will help you arrange your priorities more quickly and efficiently
And the technique is easy…. You have just to pre-program your mind before doing any task:

Think and concentrate on the purpose (the clear, specific) goal of what you are going to do before you actually go and do it. And with time you will be more focused and efficient in what you do