19 January, 2014

2-2-6 working with yourself: ChooSe!

The act of making a decision = ignoring all the other options and choosing the most suitable, right option to do

Notice that:
-          We don't have 100% of info the decide which is better than which, we just act in the light of info we get and our brains fill the gaps from past experiences

-          Our brains are actually pretty good at comparing. So if you find yourself confused between 2 or more choices, they are pretty much the same
So what to choose then? Go for the fun choice, the new, the adventurous, go for what is cool to do, what you think it will give you the better experience/ quality in life

-          Don't waste time in choosing, set a deadline and stick to it

-          Indecision is suffering, and like I said: good choices are pretty clear, if you can't choose the best option; believe me they are the same
And if you choose and it turned out to be the worse choice, that would be better than just standing in the same place not knowing what to do/choose

-          Doing/deciding verbally and out loud: "I am deciding to do X" is actually very good strategy to force your mind to stop being confused and actually start putting goals and moving toward the next step