13 January, 2014

2-1-4 the human mind: Perceptual control

-          This is a theory to explain how and why people do the things they do, how we make decisions
To clarify this is an example: you go outside your house; the sunlight is too bright so you put on a hat and sunglasses

Why you choose to take this action? Because you get annoyed by the sunlight. The sunlight brightness and temp are not is the favorable range that you feel comfortable in, so you decide to tweak these conditions to the range you are comfortable in

-          Apply this course of action in every aspect in our lives. You are put in some conditions that you don't like; so you escape from, change, regulate the conditions you don't like or even change your comfortable zone  
-          This concept is called (Perceptual Control) and it applies from the basic cellular level to the very sophisticated behavioral cases in the universe    

The equation is: from instability (stress) > take action > toward stability (comfort stable condition)

-          For more readings about how and why people act the way they do: search for topics under (Behavioral Psychology)